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What else is important when choosing a contractor?

Proper insurance coverage is vitally important. Many customers do not realize the risks they take in hiring companies who don't have proper insurance coverage. We carry $2 million liability coverage, and we pay full Worker's Compensation Insurance for all our employees. This is very expensive, because we are in a high-risk industry. So many less reputable firms do not provide coverage. If a worker is injured on your property, and his employer has no insurance, guess who becomes liable?

Qualifications and experience of key personnel are obviously important. You should always ask prospective contractors for details of their principal staff; how many years' experience and what qualifications do they have. Customers should also insist on copies of licenses or certifications, particularly for Pest Control. Many companies are still illegally spraying Roundup and other pesticides without the required authority from the State of Florida. In the event of an accident involving unlicensed use of pesticides on your property, the customer may be held liable.


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