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Our History
Florida Environmental Care was established in 1987 as a landscape maintenance service. The company grew steadily, concentrating on commercial accounts, and adding fertilizing & pest control to its services. In 1999 we teamed up with Mark Ballenger and John Schultz to add Irrigation and Arborcare to our services. Florida Environmental Care is owned by Michael Mead, a Chartered Engineer with 35 years experience of Project Management in the construction industry. The company is managed by David "DJ" Overbeck, a Gulf War veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He has many years of wide ranging experience of the Green Industry in Florida, and is licensed by the Florida State Department of Entomology. Mark Ballenger and John Schultz are responsible for their own companies within the consortium, but the overall integrated service is the responsibility of DJ Overbeck.


What we mean by Quality
We believe that in this industry, as in most other fields, you get what you pay for. We have never set out to be the lowest priced contractor, and we believe that discerning customers recognise quality, and are prepared to pay for it. The "quality" we offer is evident in many aspects of our business; for example, we employ a full-time mechanic to ensure that our machinery is always in top condition, and we always have standby equipment available - from mowers to trucks - so you won't hear excuses about mechanical breakdowns. Neither will you hear excuses in the summer about labor shortages; our workers tend to stay with us, because we treat them better, and do not lay them off in the winter. You will notice quality in the appearance of our trucks and equipment, and in our employees' appearance. They all wear uniform shirts, including our foremen, who are identifiable by a different color. You will also notice quality in our office procedures; we make a point of always being responsive to your calls. Above all else, you will notice the quality of our services; well trained employees and effective supervision will ensure that you get the best landscape maintenance services available anywhere.
Why choose Integrated Services?
For customers and property managers alike, the value of "one-stop shopping" can not be over stressed. Suppose, for instance, you have separate contractors for landscape maintenance, pest control, and irrigation, and you notice an area of turf is going brown. Who do you call? With one company responsible for all services, you make one call, and let them find out if there's a watering deficiency, or a disease problem, or the grass was cut too short! Less obvious, though, are the advantages of co-ordination; for example, we are able to arrange for fertilizer to be applied on the same day our crews cut the grass. That way, any granules deposited on sidewalks will get blown off, avoiding staining of the concrete. We can also arrange for the fertilizer to be watered in at the correct time; no waiting for up to 7 days before watering! And don't forget what must be done when you have new sod or plants installed; you have to arrange for immediate and regular watering!


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